The Roots

Snaplitics, Inc. is a company that began in the heart of Texas, in the city of Austin in late 2016.  It was founded by two entrepreneurs with a passion for making businesses more efficient on the web. Snaplitics brainchild was born after Sean Hynes realized where the market was headed after fifteen years of helping dozens of clients websites at his previous company Weblogix.


After fifteen years of designing and developing websites from scratch or hand coding them, the developers sought out a tool that would help more clients realize their dreams of an ultimate site without blowing their complete budget.

The Premise

At that point, we knew that a drag-and-drop page builder would be the best solution. We of course, tried WordPress for a couple years, but we soon realized that trying to give users a tool that had two many bells and whistles with an ever more complex set of changing themes was becoming a maintenance nightmare. So we developed our own solution, and we are very proud of it.


In fact, people are very happy with our incredible page builder, especially the fact that we don't charge a percentage of your revenue just to use us like some of our competitors.

Company Officers


Sean Hynes


A lifetime entrepreneur, Sean Hynes is now rounding out 20 years of web development helping clients all over the world. The brainchild behind Snaplitics, he is passionate to help as many clients as possible become profitable faster than the old way.


It all started with my challenges trying to scale. My choices were either hire a team of designers or build my own self-publishing platform. I chose the latter when I realized that websites were becoming more ubiquitous and video-centric.


One of the inspirations behind my product was my frustration with video landing pages. If I had to sit through another "no fast-forward" video sales pitch, I was going to throw a hammer at my screen. So I created the SnapPlayer, a video segmentation tool for publishers that meets customer's needs. This tool is included in the Snaplitics platform and is unique in the industry, and we are very excited about it.


Personally, I am an avid health and yoga fanatic. I am an inventor at heart and actually built my own tiny home. Rest assured, our profits are not going to extravagant lifestyles, and you will always get great value for your dollar. I look forward to connecting with you in our support eco-system or if you end up earning commissions as a referring affiliate!


Mykola Bashlakov

Vice President

A passionate entrepreneur who was inspired early on to use a highly technological skill set to help others make their dreams a reality. Ever since I launched the first ever convenience store in the dormitory as a UK college student, I relish in the excitement of starting new businesses.


I'm eager to dedicate my energy and talents to help others illustrate their passions on an online medium. Whether it's simply spreading the word or maximizing the return per visitor, I aim to bring you tangible results to your internet business pursuits.

The Team


Victor M.

Server Administrator

Victor brings to the team over 10 years of Server Administration experience to ensure that your Website is always up and running. 


Amanda P.

Chief Editor

Amanda is a multi-faceted professional with a rich marketing background and helps the team communicate the never-seen-before features of Snaplitics.

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