10 Best Landing Page Practices Edit Title & Configs

When it comes to creating a landing page, design is the biggest part of the formula. The idea is that your design will make it easy for leads to better understand your message and convert into a sale. When users arrive on your page, they should be clear on what you are selling in five seconds or less. Most believe that aesthetics are the easiest part of the landing page but a poorly designed page can kill conversation rates. Luckily, there are best practices when developing landing pages. The following is a list of the 10 best landing page practices to help you launch your landing page in a consumer-friendly manner.

One: Constantly Test your Landing Pages

Regular testing of landing pages allows you to considerably increase conversation rates while gathering essential insight into your consumer. By creating split tests, which is running several landing pages at once, you may uncover the need to re-design or re-brand to convert potential consumers.

Two: Create and Maintain Consistent Branding

Consistency is the key to success. Your landing page can still shine among the competition but it must align with your brand. A visitor who has seen your brand in the past should recognize the branding on your landing page. The point of your brand is to create an emotional connection between your customers and your company.

Three: Develop a Defined Strategy

Your landing page should have one defined strategy that is relayed in the message. All visuals and written content must be aligned with that strategy. If the point of your landing page is to convert the audience into newsletter subscribers while simultaneously selling your product, it will not be effective at either. Pick a single action and promote that on the page.

Four: Give the Audience an Unique Experience

A unique design mixed with creative call-to-actions, and high-quality images and videos should be included in your landing page with the goal of converting them into a sale. However, to do so, the experience must be unique and interesting to the target audience. The more unique the experience, the more engaging your landing page will be.

Five: Eliminate Visual Clutter on the Landing Page

Although showcasing beautiful visuals on your landing pages may seem like an excellent idea, too many excessive images does not improve conversion. In many instances, the visual clutter distracts the audience from the point of the landing page, which is conversions.



Six: Ensure the Landing Page is Mobile-Friendly

All landing pages should now have responsive design to ensure mobile visitors receive the same experience as those on the desktop. The design must be intuitive and easy enough to use so-as to convert mobile visitors.

Seven: Funnel the User to Become a Sale

One of the main goals of a landing page is to convert the visitor. Therefore, by placing links in the content, you are potentially distracting the audience and giving them an opportunity to leave the site without converting.

Eight: Implement a 'Thank You' Page

A 'thank you' page can really go a long way with your customers. First, since the customer has felt enough of an emotional connection to your brand to convert, a 'thank you' page adds to the experience by boosting trust and appreciate of your company. Second, it shows that you have delivered on your promise thus further delighting your customer.

Nine: Regularly Measure Analytics

Integrating real-time analytics into your landing page is a valuable idea in that it allows you to monitor confidence intervals, conversion rates, segmentation, bounce rate, geolocation and traffic. This allows you to identify and support the landing pages that work well and tweak those that do not.

Ten: Use the Right Landing Page Builder

Finally, using the right landing page builder is critical to the success of your landing page. There are many landing page builder software companies available on the Internet. However, it is important to find one that can differentiate your page from the competition and maintain the aforementioned best practices.

One such landing page builder is Snaplitics which is much more affordable than other landing page builders . In fact, Snaplitics is a full website and landing page builder in one. This gives you an even better value as other options only deliver a single service for a higher price. An excellent landing page builder can result in improved search engine optimization execution on your page, thus leading to increased sales.

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