5 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos On Your Landing Pages

With videos becoming a widely-used format of content marketing, why not add them to your landing pages? Videos have the ability to condense a large amount of information into a short segment that improves viewer retention and creates a high engagement rate. Face it, content is much more exciting when it is in the video format. In a report developed by Social Media Examiner titled, “2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report,” 70 percent of Internet marketers are planning to create more visual content for their target demographic.

This means that visual content, such as memes, infographics and videos, can be easily shared across social networks to maximize your marketing effectiveness. The study concluded that Facebook and LinkedIn were the two most essential networks for marketers since it is easy to share videos on the platform. If this information still does not convince you that a video landing page is a critical marketing tool, read the following five reasons why you should use videos on landing pages:

One: Creates Conversions

The ultimate goal of a video landing page is to drive your visitor to take action; be it filling out a form, inputting an email address or making a purchase. Studies show that a video landing page can significantly increase conversions because visitors are more engaged and trusting of the product or service.

Videos that create conversions include customer testimonials, worthwhile uses of the product that fill consumer needs and benefits of the product or service. Also, videos eliminate the need for a large amount of text on the page so your focus can be on getting conversions. Like any written content on a page, a video landing page must have a strong call-to-action at the end to convert the visitor.

Two: Drive Home the Message

The majority of visitors to your page will watch more than they read. Therefore, the greatest part of your video message will resonate with them. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, the average attention span of an adult is eight seconds. Therefore, you need to capture their attention within eight seconds and re-capture it every eight seconds or else they will get side-tracked.

In a research study conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group titled, “How little do users read?”, they found that users will only read 20-percent of the words on a page. On the other hand, a study performed by Wistia found that 90-percent of visitors completed a 30-second video.

Three: Multiple Functionality

In addition to engaging visitors and increasing retention, videos can raise brand awareness while improving lead generation. In business-to-business marketing, videos are valuable for lead nurturing activities. In addition to a video landing page, videos work at multiple points during the sales cycle and are considered a versatile medium. You can utilize videos for product demonstrations and customer testimonials, which improve credibility and trust. The same videos can even be used for multiple purpose during the buying journey.

Four: Saves Time

Visitors to your website often do not have a lot of time to scour through in-depth and detailed content. Instead, it is much easier to watch a short video that explains all information. A video landing page allows you to visually make a strong case as to why your customers should select your product quickly.

Also, with the continued growth of smartphone technology, you can engage those via mobile device. In the near future, mobile devices will be the majority leader of video plays. In addition to saving time, potential customers can view videos around-the-clock from around-the-world. This option is more cost-effective than television because companies can produce videos inexpensively in-house.

Five: Will Soon be the Most Important Tactic

An article titled, “Why online video is the future of content marketing,” by The Guardian, summarizes data collected by Cisco that notes video content will comprise 69-percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017. Therefore, instead of searching through detailed information using a search engine, visitors will search for a video on how to perform a task, product reviews, informational videos or numerous other visual content.

By launching a video landing page, you will be ahead of the trend and have a huge amount of video content in-place before the competition. If you don’t offer videos, you are missing valuable opportunities to engage visitors on your landing page. The integration of videos with other marketing channels makes the technology an excellent complement for the well-designed landing page.

In a society that demands information faster and more conveniently, a video landing page can fulfill that need in a few short seconds. Many companies have been successful with implementing a video landing page for their products and services. Why not give it a try and watch the conversions roll in?

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