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There are literally hundreds of website builders available, with many more popping up each week. If you wish to create a personal resume page or portfolio to add to your Curriculum Vitae, then website builders like GoDaddy, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix may be your best bet. However, if your goal is to build a responsive website with powerful analytics, appealing content creation, an intelligent interface and links to social media, then a mainstream do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder is not your speed. There are many challenges with using a cookie-cutter website builder to start and grow your business, such as:

One: Archaic Analytics Integration with your Website

Cookie-cutter website builders have a difficult time integrating standard webmaster tools like analytics and other resources. This can be harmful to your growth because you are unable to uncover issues with your website and exploit the successful areas. Most Website Builders, like Weebly or Wix, only allow you to integrate Google Analytics, thus limiting your ability to expand your online presence.

Two: Future Growth Outlook looks Grim

Whenever you use a cookie-cutter website builder, all of your data is tied up with that site and cannot be easily exported to your own server at another date. This could cause functionality and aesthetic issues at a later date. The problem ties directly into the limited technical and design features listed below. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between control and convenience.

Three: Fall into the Standard Mold

One of the most obvious problems with a stock website builder is the lack of differentiation. You could select a unique template and there could be thousands of other businesses on the Internet, even your direct competition, using that same template. This is unprofessional and makes branding impossible. Visitors who first arrive at your site are not going to be blown away which reflects poorly on your brand and company.


Four: Limited Design Features

With most technology products, there is a trade-off between control and convenience so a balance must be struck. The SquareSpace-style website builder certainly offers you the convenience but if you want to move beyond the design basics, you are very limited. You typically have the ability to edit the color, size, font and feel of the theme and even add and delete sections within the website. Unfortunately, to re-positioning or even change the layout can be a cumbersome task, especially when designing a mobile responsive site.

Five: Limited Technical Functionality

The design limitations bleed into the functionality such as social media integration, blogging, monetization, social sharing options and a toolbox full of essential marketing tools. With GoDaddy-style website builders, you can select all of the bells and whistles to go into your website but you are only limited to those actually offered in their toolbox. However, with a premium website builder you can add as many features as you want and put them into your website due to the seamless integration of software with outside tools.

Six: Oversimplification of the Development Process

While limiting design features and technical functionality are overcome by ease-of-use and oversimplification of creating a website, most of these sites do not communicate the lack of functionality. They replace this with complimentary products and wizards which are supposed to improve quality design and function. By oversimplifying, the cookie-cutter website is taking away your control and leaving you with easy-to-use features that barely scratch the service of what you want to do.

Seven: Using the Dreaded Outdated Flash

Flash can be a helpful tool under the right circumstances. With technology progressing so rapidly, it no longer is useful with website builders. Cookie-cutter builders like Wix still use this outdated technology. It is not search-engine friendly and will hinder the growth of your website.

Avoid these Problems with Snaplitics

Do you want your business to grow and become profitable? The simple and affordable solution to these seven problems is Snaplitics, a powerful Website Builder that delivers full analytics, a high-level of differentiation, full design and technical functionality, oversimplifies where appropriate and allows for the easy transfer of your website to another server. All of these options will grow your business and protect your image as a business owner, web publisher, marketer or enthusiast by creating a professional site within your budget.

Snaplitics is a drag and drop website creator with an extensive suite of powerful marketing tools, in a fast yet secure environment that allows for site monetization with easy-to-use add-ons. Snaplitics even offers affordable bundled web hosting with no long-term contracts and a pay-as-you-go payment structure. You have the ability to cancel anytime without cancellation fees. Currently, Snaplitics is offering a 21-day free trial with no credit card requirement.

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