7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Making Landing Pages Edit Title & Configs

Are you tired of having a vast number of visitors navigate to your page and only have several conversions? Do you want to take your Internet marketing game to the next level? Well, you have come to the right place to learn more about why you need to create landing pages today. A quality landing page is clear, to-the-point and can hold hands with your visitors. A poorly-designed page delivers boring and unappealing information that is irrelevant to the visitor. If you are unsure on how to create this wonderful marketing device, it is in your best interest to use a landing page builder.

Keep reading to learn more about why your business should start making landing pages!

One: Defining Colors and Other Design Elements

It is a fact that colors and the psychology behind them can significantly impact sales. Some colors drive an impulse purchase while others provide security and credibility. Selecting the correct colors can make or break your website and landing page. How do you determine which are the best colors to use? Well, it is a large amount of trial and error through testing on your landing pages, as listed below. Once you find a landing page with all of the elements that work, you will increase conversions. With a solid landing page builder, you can easily change the colors on your page.

Two: Develop a Priceless Conversion Funnel

The purpose of a landing page is to funnel conversions into a single summary of the product or service followed by a direct link to the shopping cart or to complete information. This landing page is the last decision point from a consumer between purchasing and navigating to another site so it is critical to make it effective. A landing page builder will account for your needs and help you create a beautiful and content-driven page to convert visitors.


Three: Gather Essential User Information

As previously mentioned, landing pages can be more than just a funnel for sales. Instead, it can act as an opportunity to log user information which can be used to improve marketing campaigns, customer service initiatives, new product creation and research projects. By using the excellent resource of a landing page builder, you can create forms to be completed by the customer and then analyze the data to determine the selling points about your audience.

Four: Generate Buzz about New Products

You should also create a landing page to generate buzz about new products or services. You are basically advertising an upcoming launch on your own page to create interest. This is also a good opportunity to gather the visitor’s email address in case they want more information for when the product launches. With a landing page builder, there are no programming or technical skills needed as themes and layouts are prebuilt for convenience.

Five: Implement the Newest Marketing Technology

Online marketing technology has come a long way from just placing ads on a search engine. Now, you can use heat map tracking technology that shows where exactly users click on the page. By having a landing page and implementing this technology, you can safely make design changes, knowing where the conversions are being missed and the ideal opportunities for leads. Also, you will see what pieces of information your consumers actually care about and those that they do not.

Six: Measure your Advertising Efforts

By implementing a landing page, you can also efficiently measure your advertising efforts with advanced analytics tools. A landing page website builder can help easily integrate these tools to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This will lead to higher click-through-rates, instant results, more room for testing and creativity and higher paid placement.

Seven: Test, Test and More Testing to Determine your Champions

One of the greatest advantages of creating a landing page is to constantly test the successes and failures of your campaigns. Regular testing ties in with the aforementioned six benefits. To do so, create multiple landing pages and track which has the best performance then tweak it from that point. The goal is to experiment with a variety of content and increase conversions. Testing options include ad placement, videos versus high-resolution photos, copywriting styles, button placement, a variety of action words and eliminating purchase barriers.

A high-quality landing page builder that you should consider is Snaplitics. This piece of software has the ability to power entire websites, individual landing pages and all of the data in-between while integrating powerful analytics and visitor tracking. Best of all, it won’t break your bank account!

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