Finally a Landing Page Platform inside a Website Builder Edit Title & Configs

Building a professional website for your business or persona is no small task. Your website is your official online presence, often the first step in starting a conversation with your target audience about what you have to offer and how you compare against the competition.

However, in this day and age, where the average user is constantly bombarded with information and offers, it’s increasingly more difficult to grab attention and maintain authenticity. When you’re looking for a solution that is quick, easy, affordable but doesn’t sacrifice quality, a drag and drop website creator is the ideal answer. However, between WordPress vs. Wix vs. Snaplitics vs. GoDaddy, it’s hard to differentiate what the best option is for you. Snaplitics stands above the rest when you consider the advantages of a web page builder that is also a landing page platform. 

What is a landing page?

 Many small business make the mistake of overlooking landing pages or underutilizing them because they are daunted by the difficulty in setting them up. Snaplitics knows most effective websites use multiple landing pages in order to efficiently target key demographics. Overlooking this crucial inbound marketing tool can be a misfortunate missed opportunity. 

How to target key demographics?

 Understanding the importance of a solid landing page is key to the success in creating a stand out website. A great landing page is the first contact you have with your key user and helps customize an experience for every user, communicating relevant information specific to them. Whether it’s a special offer, a call to action, or sharing the stand out feature of your product, Snaplitics makes it easy to create the best landing page catered to optimizing conversion rates of your website. 

Landing page analytics

 Snaplitics makes analytics a priority in the development of your professional web presence. An effective landing page can be a vital analytics tool by collecting demographic information about current and future prospects and helping you judge the perceived value in your offers. However, other options would require you to have your Website, Landing Pages, and website analytics in three different places. Snaplitics ensures that all the relevant data pertaining to your website is all in one place in easy to understand graphs and charts. This information will help provide the fuel for future marketing content and effectively help you evolve your overall online process across multiple platforms to increase your return on investment. 

Why choose a website builder with a landing page platform? 

The best drag and drop website creators will easily incorporate a landing page to the initial design of your webpage. Unfortunately, it is common for other website builders to use a landing page that redirects the user to or from an alternative url. This backwards process hurts conversion by possibly increasing site load times with the user who has a precious short attention span. More importantly however, it complicates analytics. Snaplitics provides the essential tools to make a good landing page that is not only easy to create, but it’s easy to optimize as well. It’s only sensible that web analytics should be embedded into the landing page and streamlined throughout the website’s creation.

 Snaplitics streamlines the creation of landing pages alongside the creation of your professional website, which makes it easy to circumnavigate the difficulties that daunt other businesses and impede their success. Everyday millions of online users contemplate a problem that your product solves, Snaplitics allows you more quickly and easily become a part of that conversation.

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