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Do you want to take your website to the next level but are limited by your cookie-cutter website builder? Let's face it, for web enthusiasts, website owners, publishers and Internet marketing professionals alike, website builders are the gold standard. They guide development for website projects for those who do not wish to waste a large amount of time learning HTML or PHP. Even if you have a minimal-to-no knowledge of programming, web design or related utilities, a powerful website builder is your best option!

Continue reading to determine how a unique and quality website builder can change your business!

Traditional Website Builder Challenges

Unfortunately, there are many website builder options available so it can be difficult to select the best for your needs. Which one should you choose?

Content Management System (CMS)

You may think a mainstream CMS choice, such as WordPress, will suit your needs but there are still very painful challenges that can have a severely negative impact on your company. For instance, even the most basic websites have many plugins to block spam, add design features or allow you to customize the control panel; but when those plugins regularly update, the results can be disastrous. This is commonly due to incompatibility with the other plugin updates.

Also, a CMS can be difficult to navigate through the endless headache of options. It is simple for basic website functionality but once your site begins to grow, the plugin and customization options become mind-numbing and endless which wastes your time and money while you sort through every file. No thank you!


Traditional Website Builder

The other option is a traditional website builder such as Wix or Weebly. Unfortunately, these types of builders have a considerable number of technical limitations so if you are skilled in code, these sites cannot accommodate. Similarly, the advanced marketing tools, such as analytics and date exporting, are disappointing compared to other available software. Also, the editing and design option are limited to rules so it takes a considerable amount of time for specific information layout. Furthermore, like the CMS option, there is an endless number of confusing features from 3rd party developers.

Alas! There is a solution to your problems. Keep reading to find out what it is!


Snaplitics answers your call with a flexible front-end editor for those who choose to write code or the newbie who wants to quickly create a beautiful website. The front-end editor allows you to drag-and-drop various elements around the page. Also, you can save specific sections and easily insert them into the website later. This feature can be used globally to implement changes across the entire site. Furthermore, the automated coding is simple and structured allowing for high rankings on search engines. Finally, Snaplitics is considered a limitless website builder in that the software does not limit you by template, like most other builders. Instead, you have complete control over every aspect of the site to make it completely unique.

Every site created with Snaplitics is responsive, meaning the site can be easily viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device without any funky formatting. Therefore, you must tap into that market of consumers to be successful. The Snaplitics Website Builder also gives you access to an extensive but easily-navigable toolbox comprised of slideshows, icons, tabs, galleries and numerous other elements.

The best aspect of Snaplitics is the powerful marketing and analytics tools. For instance, you will have access to subscription and contract forms, lead capturing software, social media links and usage of WordPress, the largest blogging tool available, without having to install the cumbersome CMS. Snaplitics analytics tools include visitor and campaign tracking, heat maps, email and sound live visitor alerts, conversion optimization and live reports of the traffic visiting your site. These options are extremely valuable for tracking visitors on your landing pages and can help transform them into a conversion.

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