The Future of the Best Website Builders

After launching this website builder company a year ago, I didn’t realize how happy customers would be. Personally, I knew that as a developer for 25 years, I was about to pull my hair out with the old website building tools. From Notepad to Dreamweaver to hacking WordPress Themes, I thought there had to be a better way.

So I set out in 2016, to build the ultimate website builder. One that leveraged the benefits of WordPress, and removed the drawbacks. One that didn’t require dozens of round trips between the “builder” and the live web browser. One that didn’t require dozens and dozens of screens or menus to get what you want done, like in WordPress. And of course, since webpages are becoming more uniform and ubiqutious, I didn’t need to slave over raw HTML every time I wanted a beautiful, full screen image background with a big headline.

I thought Squarespace and Wix would be the answer, but I quickly found they were based on old technologies that aren’t that responsive, and SO CSS heavy. They are marketers, not so much developers. We are developers, so the core technology driving a simpole website builder is important to us. Fast loading of the page is an example, it needs to be fast.

Thankfully, before I became bald, Snaplitics was born. Because I was about to call it quits in the web world. But now I am invigorated. Please try us out or learn more about the team.

With all this in mind, the future of website builders is good for the innovators. Once people slowly get trained that they can do it themselves, many web designers won’t be happy. There will always be a need for website designers for those who don’t have the time to build it on their own, or just don’t like spending time fumbling on the computer.

The best website builders will realize that websites can be broken down into about 50 core elements. Reusing and dragging these elements or building blocks around the page is the key. Fluid enough for customization, but not too open with complexities that it will confuse the average user. Once the skill level is high enough on these website builders to push the technology envelope, platforms like ours that integrate analytics, split testing and video bookmarking (Snapplayer), will distinguish themselves from the pack. Data attribution is so paramount in today’s competitive world. A website owner needs to know where his customers came from and how effective his sales funnel is.

The convergence of technologies and stripping down of overblown SAAS services is on the horizon. The euphoria of over featured services will come down to the companies that provide great customer service and product value. Its akin to downloading dozens of mobile phone apps and only using a few of them. The Core will win out.


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