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Having a website is like opening a door and inviting potential customers into your business. The online world is saturated with cat videos and memes but how do you stand out when competing against adorable animals, industry professionals and a barrage of bloggers? The answer is to have a powerful website! A powerful website is a crucial part of your personal brand. Give your business the digital presence it needs. Make sure your customers keep returning and engage with new customers. Build novel marketing strategies, craft features and unique content to help your business attain the recognition it deserves. The power is in your hands! The highway to success on your website is very necessary. Anything that is sellable can be sold in style online, provided you have a web store that has the substance to attract customers and serve them a fulfilling experience, and the digital smartness that helps you market yourself well and grow your business.

In recent years, creating a website has become a fun, relatively pain-free experience. Forget coding, cryptic words like HTML and FTP, with some of the best website builders that are available at your dispense. These days, the main challenge is to find the best free website builder among the enormous selection available on the market.

Nowadays there are many Website Builders. The main question you should ask yourself is:

"What am I looking for from my Website Builder to focus on?"

First, consider your priorities. Is ease of use (for you, the owner) more important than total control of your website? Do you want it done fast, and don't mind limited control over the design/functionality?

Second, consider where your website needs to be in a couple years. Does it need to be adaptable and expandable? Is this an eCommerce website? Do you need to be able to test and measure marketing campaigns or split test site designs to optimize for conversions over the lifetime of your business?

Finally, know who your end user is, and be very clear on how your website provides value to solve their problem and remove their pain points. What design/functionality matters most to them? For example, if user-generated content (UGC) is particularly compelling to your audience, but you can't easily add an Instagram or Twitter feed into the content of your site with your site builder, you're missing out on important conversion opportunities and limiting the performance of your website.

You have many builders that take one aspect of this huge field and try to master it. such as: designer portfolio, e-commerce, business page related, and etc.

To help you be more directed I would advise you to look for some main aspects every site have to possess:

  1. Responsive- Today the usage of smartphones/tablets is dramatically increasing. Due to that, you should only pick a site that has the advantage of adjusting your site for other device platforms.
  2. Design- You should look for a Website Creation Software that you can relate to its design concept. In my opinion, having a well-designed website is the key to good traffic and low bounce rate.
  3. Easy to use- The whole purpose of a Website Builder Software is to be intuitive and easy to comprehend, even if you have basic knowledge on the Internet.
  4. Domain- the basic is the possibility to bring your own domain to the Website Builder.
  5. SEO- the Website Builder Software has to be SEO friendly. by using some basic tools you can gain more traffic and publicity to your site.

We will get into the top picks for best free website builders in the market with Snaplitics and eventually discuss other website builders better or worse than it:

SNAPLITICS - the all-in-one platform among the best free website builders:

Snaplitics - best free website builder

It is relatively new compared to other website builders in the market but it is totally worth using it. It has got some incredibly nice features that will blow your mind and make your website making experience a good one. With Snaplitics you can build your own website in a few minutes. It lets you create a masterpiece with interchangeable components and boundless design control. There is no limit on what you can do with Snaplitics. Here are some features of Snaplitics  for why you should use this:

  1. Provide you with a lot of targeted customers!
    Make your clients find you and come back again. Having understood small and medium-sized businesses truly well, Snaplitics aims not only to give you a dazzling and professional website but primarily to increase your sales by providing new clients. Thanks to the best SEO, Snaplitics  will make sure you get found online.
  2. Take care of your business as it grows
    Website Builder – Snaplitics  Team is always working very closely with each client. Moreover, it provides ongoing and tangible support and consultations help customers with promoting and advertising. Imagine Snaplitics as your own reliable IT department. It will support you in a personalized way all the way long. It arguably sounds good, doesn’t it?
  3. Flexibility
    Snaplitics has been developed to efficiently provide a truly useful and intuitive tool for website building. Thanks to good coding HTML your website would do well in Google positioning. Its fast page loading is its forte.
  4. Web toolbox
    Snaplitics consists of rich web toolbox that gives you the power to create a website of your dream.
  5. Designer-made templates ready-to-go
    The choice of templates ( one-page and blank page are included) provides a wide range of proposals for many industries. All the themes are fully optimized for almost every type of business. Users can switch templates midway through the editing process. However, if you have a unique idea Snaplitics Team will bring it to life. You will get a website from scratch, dedicated specifically to you. Now with so many awesome features and customer support, SNAPLITICS is definitely the best free website builder in the block. You are just one click away from having a great experience with Snaplitics and building a landmark website.

WORDPRESS - the pioneer in CMS and WYSIWYG website building

wordpressEven if you’ve never used it, you’ve certainly heard about WordPress websites and blogs at least once. WordPress is used worldwide by both everyday bloggers and even notable businesses and companies. You can sign up for an account within minutes and open a free blog or website and choose a compatible WordPress domain. As a free website builder, you have the option of picking a name for your domain, selecting any of the available themes, and adding both text and visual content to the webpage. Your website is mobile-friendly, which is a major advantage in the contemporary world. You also have the opportunity to use various widgets, including SEO plugins to improve the quality of your website. WordPress is a free website building platform but also offers paid services for people or businesses of various budgets.

WIX - a great platform for niche websites

WixAs a freemium website builder platform, Wix offers simple drag-and-drop methods to have your website up and running quickly and effectively. You do not need any complex technical or coding skills to start up your website. Simply choose a template and begin adding your content such as text, images, or even videos. Choose the template which will fit your needs, whether you prefer a website heavy with text and articles over one which requires multiple videos. Wix is also mobile optimized, offers secure online sharing, and 500MB storage upon opening your free website. You have the option of using site history, meaning you can view previous versions of your website. Wix even offers a Wix SEO Wiz, connecting your website to Google and offering ways to improve your content to be efficiently optimized. Join one of the millions of businesses, designers, musicians, artists, and many others just like you and try out this website builder for free.