How to Make a Website for Free Edit Title & Configs

Do you want to make a website of your own? That too for free? But you are not aware of the nit-bits of designing and coding?

If that is what your problem is, then you have come to the right place. This article is all you need to know about, how to make your website for free. This article will guide you through different website builders that do your job without taking a penny from you. Creating your own website for free has never been so easy as it is now with loads of fine website builders in the block. Many high traffic websites are built using a website builder and you will never know. Most website builders also give you a free domain name, free hosting and give you a choice of 1000’s of free website templates to get you started. There are plenty of free website builders out there but we would talk about those ones which are worth using for making your website.How to build a website for free

Snaplitics is new in the block but it is one of the best free website builders you will ever come to use and it is highly recommended. It has got amazing features that will completely blow your mind. With Snaplitics you can build your own website in a few minutes. It lets you create a masterpiece with interchangeable components and boundless design control. There is no limit on what you can do with Snaplitics, it is highly recommended because it makes the website experience so much better.

Snaplitics checks all the right boxes without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are some mind-blowing features of Snaplitics for why you should use this.

  • It is fast, responsive and powerful and a perfect blend of drag and drop simplicity and advanced design capabilities.
    It is mobile responsive, unlike other website builders. Built around a grid-like framework, the page automatically adjusts to varying device screen sizes. It also has granular control for its page elements for each device.
    It consists of a rich web toolbox that lets you create a page with tab, subscription box, maps , rich media and many more.
    One of the unique features is that you can save a section or component for global use. It’s like ‘Create once, update everywhere.
    It gives you ultimate customization power that means you do not have any layout restrictions. You can be at your creative best with Snaplitics.
    Its drag and drop control allows you to easily interchange components on a grid-like canvas, making website building fluid and frustration-free.
    It provides you with a live chat option for clearing up any confusion or seeking help.
    Its blazing fast page loading dusts all its competitions. Clean HTML and 24/7 up-time guarantee the fastest loading pages.
    Unlike other website builders, it provides you with amazing website speed with no bandwidth limitations that let you sit back and watch your business grow.
    No delay page load time and advanced context indexing drastically improve search engine rankings up to 2-3 positions.
    With Snaplitics you can be assured of the security of your website. HTTPS provides unparalleled security.
    You can easily port your old templates to the new platform for an instant facelift.

These all are the reasons why Snaplitics is one of the best options you have got if you want to make a website for free. However, let's explore the other options you might consider (just in case!)

  1. Ucraft
    Ucraft comes first among the other website builder options and again is a perfect answer to how to make a website for free. It is one of those rare website builders where you can add your own domain name. That is a big advantage I must say. But the big limit for the free plan is they let you build only one page. So if you want to build a landing page for free then go for it. Its free plan also includes ads but it is not that intrusive like other website builders.


  1. Weebly
    Weebly is a great website builder for beginners. It is easy to use and it has got lots of mind-blowing features that will provide you with a nice experience while making websites for free. It include ads for its free plan but it is in the footer.


  1. WebsiteBuilder
    Website builder offers a great all-round package. An awesome website builder, a free domain, and a whole array of readymade templates. There are 3 simple steps to making your own free website. First of all, you select one of the 1000’s of templates. Secondly, you need to customize them and finally, you publish them. It is that easy making it ideal for every user. The only thing that it lacks is a forum with tips and tricks and unlimited bandwidth. Every component of website building is supplied by WebsiteBuilder, making it one of the most wholesome services.


  1. SiteBuilder
    SiteBuilder is a top-class website builder and recommended highly for its easy to use and fluid interface. The editor is one of the best things about SiteBuilder. It is most certainly one of the best regarding ease-of-use, modeled on a drag and drop system, which is no doubt the system every editor should be based on. It also provides you with fantastic SEO options. One of the best features of this is the inclusion of email account platform and assist. The only drawback is it has no option for live chat and unlimited bandwidth.


  1. Zoho Sites
    Next up we have Zoho Site that was considered to be the best website builder a few days ago. It used to have the best free plan. It had no ads and you could connect your domain. Unfortunately, those days are over. The only reason you should use it now is that it has got a powerful form builder.


These above-mentioned website builders are most probably the bests you can think of while making websites for free. Maybe the free plans are little short of features compared to premium plans but they are enough to make an awesome website and leave your mark professionally. So, that's your answer to how to make a website for free. Choose any one of the above mentioned free website builders and make your website in a snap.