Snaplitics Website Builder Version 2.1 Released Edit Title & Configs

Hello Web Weavers, we hope your having a great week!

We have a lots of exciting news for you from Snaplitics, where we have added some incredible new features to make  your life easier and web weaving more efficient.  Only a fraction of them are listed below, so you should log in and check the rest out.

#1. Royalty Free Photo Search and Inline Editor

You can choose whether to edit text fields and text areas inline or in the settings window. This means you can stay in the flow of building your website copy directly within our advanced website builder without being distracted by a separate pop-up box.

#2. Speed Improvements 

We have been working hard and speeding things up! Great news, the page builder interface now loads 2 to 3x faster then before!

#3. The Snapplayer - Video Segementation & Video Shrink on Scroll

So when you watch videos, how often do you Fast Forward to get to the meat of it? All the time right!? Well many publishers need to embrace this so we built a special segmentation tool just for that!

See it in Action

The Snapplayer is a tremendous yearly value of $99/yr and its included in your hosting. So sign up today for Snaplitics to build a website or transfer your site today! or Login to upgrade

#4. Build you site Row Wizard 

We have several dozen new Row Templates that you will love! We know this is an often missed feature, its a great alternative to full-page templates, stack 3 or 4 row template rows on top of each other to create a page quickly.

#5. Time Saving Permanent Rows

One of the most important shortcuts to web design is using Global Rows and Footers, so that you don't have to recreate nor maintain the top and bottom part of every page on your website as things  change. Global Rows, set things to do it once. Its pretty easy to drop a re-usable completed Global Row Template each time you start a new page, but its even easier if this is automatically done for you!

So we have taken Global rows a step further by making them Permanent, since pretty much all your pages will have the same header and footer anyway.

Toggle the Headers and Footers as Permanent, and they will automatically appear on every page of your site, every time you create a new page. A real time saver!

#5. Speed Improvements 

We have been working hard and speeding things up as we know our slew of features when starting the builder may be a little long. Great News,

#6. Earn Cash from Referrals

Never forget we have an agency referral / affiliate program for those who want to earn residual income referring new users to the easiest website builder! Its easy and it pays monthly, sign up now.

Sign up today for Snaplitics to build a website or transfer your website save thousands of designer fees and maintain your own websites! Or Login to upgrade. 

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