Snaplitics Website Builder Version 2.0 Released

For those who haven’t seen Snaplitics Version 2.0, you’re in for a surprise.

Snaplitics has been hard at work for months behind the scenes creating powerful new features for an even bigger and better simple website builder! Only a fraction of them are listed below, so you should log in and check the rest out.

#1. Inline Editing

You can choose whether to edit text fields and text areas inline or in the settings window. This means you can stay in the flow of building your website copy directly within our advanced website builder without being distracted by a separate pop-up box.

#2. Reuse Your Own Page Templates

Have your own saved site template that was made in our builder that you can see yourself using again and again for other sites? We now support the ability to save that template and reuse it across multiple websites without having to start a new template from scratch!

#3. Snapstats

From the quick access dashboard, leverage real-time analytics about your site’s visitors to determine how much traffic you’re getting, where they’re being referred from, and where they’re from geographically. Leverage dozens of other features like the ever popular heatmaps to see exactly where users are spending time on your site.

#4. Valid Code Enforcement

Good news for users who need more control and are timid to make code changes. When using custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript code there is a code validator that prevents you from saving invalid markup. No more accidentally publishing broken elements to your live site! Whew. Note, this does not apply to text areas such as in the Text Editor.

#5 Free Forever Plan

For those of you who signed up last year, our previously offered 30-Day Trial is now our Free Forever plan, which includes Snapstats. So take as long as you need to design your site.

If you are ready to go live with your own domain name or just want to remove the ads, just log in and click the “Upgrade” button. If you need help getting your site launch-ready, please reach out and we’d be happy to refer to you to one of our incredible marketing and design partners.

#6 Earn Cash from Referrals

Never forget we have an agency referral / affiliate program for those who want to earn residual income referring new users to the easiest website builder! Its easy and it pays monthly, sign up now.