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Streamline Your Operations

Provide Better Service Faster, and at a lower cost


Reduce Website Management

Our platform provides you with a complete service, with unlimited website hosting, 24/7 up time guarantee, and worry-free support.

Launch Clients Faster

Create your custom templates, globally update website sections, and use our drag-and-drop interface to cut your website creation time in half.


Focus on What Matters

Have more time for strategic planning, content development, and design perfection. Give more to your clients and acquire new ones.

Show Real Value

Unbeatable Results

Have Numbers speak for you. Be ahead of your competition in website optimization.


Get Superior SEO

With our smart, WordPress-powered content indexing, get your clients to the top of Google searches instantly.

Maximize Conversions

Reduce your website loading time to just 2 seconds and slash your website abandonment, boosting your ROI.

Quantify Your Websites

Show your clients faster service, improved SEO rankings, conversion metrics and other quantifiable improvements that you are creating to bring them more customers.

Earn Agency Affiliate Revenue - 35% for Lifetime

Get Additional Rewards for serving your customers

You Build a Website

Once finished building your client's site, you transfer the ownership to your client.

Client Pays

Your Clients buys a Paid Snaplitics plan for the site.

You Get 35% Commissions

Of any payment your client makes, you receive 35% commissions for lifetime.


You Make a Website

Once finished building your client's site, you keep the ownership of it.

You get 35% dicsount

You get a 35% discounted price: $108.55/year or $12.35/month per site.

You Bill your Client

You can bill the client the management fee of your choice.

How can I receive my commissions?

We pay commissions by PayPal (Worldwide) or Checks (U.S. and Canada).

What is the minimum payout amount?

Our minimum payout is $50 for PayPal payments and $100 for check payments.

How much can I make?

If your client purchases $167/year annual billing plan, you will receive $58 per year for every website you've created. If your client chooses the $19/month monthly plan, you will earn $79 of commissions per website over a year.

The total amount you make will depend on the number of websites you've created. The more sites you make with us, the more rewarded you get.

Can a I have a white label version of the platform?

Absolutely, please contact us for white label requests.

We Work With You

Our Success depends on Your Success


Partner Certification

Become a certified Snaplitics Advantage partner. Obtain endorsement for your services and referrals.


Partner Commissions

Get 35% lifetime commission off all websites you make for your clients.

White Labeling Available

Providing your clients with a branded managed service? Talk to us and we'll apply your branding throughout. 

Start Growing Your Business Today

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What To Expect

  • This Won't Be a Sales Call

    We won't pressure you to sign up or try to upsell you.
    We will learn about your business and see how we can help.

  • We'll Give You a Demo

    You will get a live demonstration of the Snaplitics platform with a focus on your specific needs - not just a generic walkthrough

  • We will Listen to You

    Our Team will carefully look at your requirements.
    If you need an additional integration or a feature addition - we are happy to accommodate it!

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