Making Web Design Easy

Create a Masterpiece with Interchangeable Components & Boundless Design Control

Drag-and-Drop Simpliticy

Drag and drop control allows you to easily interchange components on a grid-like canvas, making website building fluid and frustration-free. Hundreds of full-page or row templates are ready to be mix and matched to perfection.

Get even more granular control from our signature blocks such as icon banks, videos, capture forms, maps, and more. Creative juices flow since your not fighting HTML or an archaic editor.

Snaplitics Website Builder Demo


Built around a grid-like framework, the page automatically adjusts to varying device screen sizes. You will love the granular control you have on each of your page elements for each device type.

Rich Web Toolbox

Pre-loaded with a wide variety of industry templates and intuitive building blocks. Build a page in a snap with components like tabs, accordions, subscription forms, maps, rich media and more!

Smart Content Replication

Based on consistent, modular design, you can easily save a section or component for global use. Create once, update everywhere. 

Ultimate Customizability

Create Websites with no layout restrictions. Creative juices will have no bounds, since we allow HTML, CSS or JS code on a global or per page level. Our rich set of open-source add-ons gives you the scripting power you need.

"I consider Snaplitics the best kept secret of web builders out there because there's no limit to what you can do with it. I would absolutely recommend Snaplitics because it's made the website experience so much better."

Keller Davis, Owner, Createscape Coworking


Keller Davis, Owner, Createscape Coworking


Blazingly Fast Hosting

Proven Results

We always make sure you make the best first impression. Our websites are fast and responsive so you always get the highest return on your investment.


Load Times

Clean HTML and 24/7 uptime guarantee the fastest loading pages.

Free SSL

HTTPS provides unparalleled security.

Increased SEO Performance

No-delay page load times and advanced content indexing drastically improve search engine rankings up to 2 - 3 positions! 


Your Own

Your business is your domain. We'll help you instantly acquire the best one for your product.

01D. Small Responsive Displays

Feature Rich Shopping Cart

State-of-the-art eCommerce platform transforms your bottom line. Sell products, manage shipments, and accept payments with ease, using a time-tested, industry favorite, eCommerce package.


0% Transaction Fee

Keep your money in your pocket!  Unlike other store platforms, we don't charge a fee on your sales.*

Unlimited Products

The Snaplitics platform doesn't limit the number of products you can sell.

Secure Payments

With dozens of gateway processors to chose from, we provide you with fast and secure transactions on top of a complimentary SSL certificate!

Feature Rich Cart

Hundreds of time-saving features, like automatic tax calculation, sliding discounts, and highly-configurable ordering and shipping rules. 

*External payment providers (e.g. Stripe, PayPal) may charge a fee. We do not receive any payments from these providers.

"A few days after we launched our new Snaplitics website, we didn't see ourselves listed in the search engine results as number three or number four, we were number one! Now we have a whole new set of problems. We're having trouble keeping our showroom stocked because we're selling inventory too fast."

Zach Morgan, Store Manager, Express Appliance

Zach Morgan

Zach Morgan, Store Manager, Express Appliance

Zach Morgan

Conversion Centric Website Tools

A multifaceted Marketing Suite that includes quantifiable lead-capture pop-ups, integrated landing pages, email newsletter forms, and social media sharing.

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One Click Website Import

Don't waste time reinventing the wheel - easily port your old templates to the new platform for an instant face lift!

Unlimited Bandwidth

Amazing website speeds with no bandwidth limitations let you sit back and watch your business grow.


Plug-and-Play Integrations

Pre-built, ready-made integrations are provided for the most popular email marketing platforms and social media.


Small Business Advantage

We're here to help. Our partners provide free marketing guidance, branding, graphics, social media, and more.

Ready Made Integrations With

Campaign Monitor

Agency Ready

Let our website building platform make you a rock star! We concentrate on what we do best and help you do the same.

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Run Multiple Websites

Faster, more professional websites for your clients help you start your relationship on the right foot. 


Best of Breed SEO

Gives your clients noticeably better results in search engine rankings - up to 2 - 3 postions!


Partner Discounts

Extremely cost-effective discounts and pay-as-you-go options. 


Certified Partnerships

Obtain endorsements for your services. 

"It's easier, and makes sites blazingly fast ... We get a lot more out of Snaplitics at less cost."

Eric Cawley, President, Complete Marketing Solutions

Eric Cawley

Eric Cawley, President, Complete Marketing Solutions

Eric Cawley